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Primeat Technology

DRY AGER CHAMBER for commercial use

The main goal of the dry aging meat process is to increase concentration of the natural meat taste

A high-quality execution of the dry aging technology with help of a proper equipment attracts customers and increases sales

A relatively young trend captures the attention of visitors to restaurants around the world.The beef of dry aging is literally on everyone’s lips, the meat is tender and uniquely delicious” That what you can hear from gourmets around the world. Our meat chamber for ripening meat is equipped with a wall of Himalayan salt, evaporator, and control unit for temperature control (1 ° C) and air humidity (80%). A chamber also has a three-layer anti-reflective glass and with help of built-in LED lighting, it gives an ideal presentation of meat products

We have extensive experience in the implementation and installation of equipment for dry ripening of meat


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